Fortran Calculus 77

With IMS abandonment of the Fortran-Calculus MetaComputer on the IMS Max2, FC77 was developed as an F77 compiler extension as the 7th generation (MC7). Its runtime kernel, no longer a virtual machine, like PROSE, was also optimized for highest performance. See references:

Development of this system was sponsored by DuPont in order to port PROSE programs to new computers. Three versions were implemented simultaneously in 1988-90: a DOS 32-bit (protected mode) version, a VAX version, and a Cray YMP version. A demo of the DOS version was presented at the SIAM Breckenridge workshop in 1991, which kicked off the academic movement in automatic differentiation. A shortened version of the above fourth reference was also published in its proceedings.

FC has been ported to Linux (Ubuntu 12.04), enhanced with Spiritext, and upgraded to FC2, an extension of Fortran 95, in preparation for addition of two more dialects (MetaCalc and MetaFor) which will make up the MetaCalculus Fortran ensemble. Here are some applications of FC: